Monday, January 2, 2017

1029. Iraqi Kebab

The Iraqi kebab is different form any other kebab. First off, the Iraqi kebab is made of minced meat, whereas other nations may refer to it as kofta. Then, there is the unique flavor set off by a specific ratio of fat to meat, a simple flavoring of only salt, and some dampened bread to give that special texture to the cooked meat. All this is exponentially enhanced by the flavor lent by the smoke from the barbecue coals.
I served the kebabs over a bed of zarshk rice and some Iraqi tannour bread. This is the perfect opportunity to use your pickles, and some chopped parsley and fresh onion are absolutely compulsory in an Iraqi kebab sandwich.


1kg minced lamb
300g minced lamb fat
2 sandwich bread toast
3 tsp salt


Soak the toast in about a quarter cup of water until mush. Mix together the minced meat, minced fat, mushed toast, and salt. Divide into 12 patties and press each patty onto a wide kebab skewer.
Cook the kebabs outdoors over hot coals until cooked through. The dripping fat might ignite a flame or two, but try to put the flames out as you want the heat from the coals to cook the meat, not the flames.
Serve with tannour bread, pickles, and fresh herbs.

صحة و عافية

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