Wednesday, July 27, 2016

961. Iraqi Fresh Herb Platter

On these hot and sticky Summer days, sometimes it is a good idea to make a light and refreshing no-cook meal. This fresh herb platter fills thee spot. Luscious fresh herbs and greens of choice (including crunchy radish), and bread are great on their own already. But when you add some cheese and nuts? It goes just beyond.
So in reality, this fresh herb platter is just one component of our (cooked) meal. It is what we present in place of a salad. The walnuts are rendered amazing due to a stint in hot water that both rids them of bitterness and lends then a gentle morish crunch, quite different from unsoaked walnuts.


1 block feta cheese, marinated
olive oil, to taste
2 bunches whole fresh herbs (ex: jerjir, mint, etc)
1 bunch green onion leaves
1 cup walnuts
6 radishes, trimmed and quartered
Flatbread, to serve


Soak the walnuts in boiled water for at least an hour.
Put the feta in a medium bowl with extra olive oil, to taste.
Wash and dry the herbs. Trim the stems, but leave them intact.
Place the herbs on a large platter in a few fluffy piles.
Place the drained and rinsed walnuts on the platter, along with the radishes and flatbread.
Transfer the feta to the platter.
For a single serving, pick up a few stalks of herbs. Tear the flatbread into a manageable piece and stuff it with the herbs, walnuts, a small piece of cheese, and a radish or two. Fold and eat like a sandwich.

صحة و عافية

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