Saturday, August 18, 2012

149. Potato Olive Salad

How fast Ramadan has passed!!
Wishing you all health and prosperity and may this holy month return several times to you.
Eid Mubarak one and all.

Dill and potatoes are a combination meant to be.
So is potato and coriander, parsley, and, well, potato and fresh herbs in general!
Potato salad is considered summery, but I enjoy it at any time of the year.
This particular combination quickly became a favorite.
Potato, olives, onion, dill, and the added crunch of sweet green capsicum peppers.
I am not a huge fan of mayonnaise, but when it is mixed with fresh lemon juice and poured over the salad, you completely forget there is mayonnaise in it!
All the amounts may be increased or decreased according to taste.


For the salad:
potato, boiled, peeled, cooled
green capsicum pepper, finely diced
dill weed, chopped
onion, finely diced
olives, sliced

For the dressing:
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 1/2 lemons, juice
1 tsp salt
a grating of pepper


Whisk together the dressing ingredients. Make more if using alot of vegetables.
Mix all the salad ingredients together.
Pour over it the dressing and toss just before serving.

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