Thursday, October 10, 2013

481. Lime Pickles

I was a child blabbing to my mom as she worked on these lime pickles, without giving a second thought to what she was doing.

Hindsight to that moment, and squeezing my mind to remember made me recall this recipe.
All I remember is my mom slicing the limes almost all the way though into quarters leaving them connected, stuffing them with salt, and stacking them in a large jar. The rest is research and improvisation.
The saffron strands I added are completely superfluous and optional. I just love the color, scent, and luxury it lends the pickles.
Although these lime pickles take a good two or three months before they can be consumed, they do keep for well over a year and make a very generous quantity, as it is used in small amounts in cooking.
When you do eventually finish the pickles, by all means use the oil to flavor dishes from salads to roasts.
I suppose you can use the same principle to pickle lemons and green lime, but the thicker the skin the longer it will have to sit.


yellow thin skin limes
coarse salt
olive oil
saffron, optional


Slice an X into the limes but don't go all the way through, leaving the quarters connected.
Generously stuff the lime with coarse salt, and arrange them in a sterile seal-able container.
If using saffron, sprinkle lightly between the layers.
Fill the container with the lime, seal, and let stand at room temperature for two to three weeks.
The rigidity of the limes will have been broken down, and the salt will have release a lot of juice from the limes.
Pour olive oil enough to completely cover the limes.
Let stand at room temperature for another two or three weeks.
Store in the refrigerator (or in cooler weather, at room temperature) for two months before consuming and incorporating into recipes.

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