Wednesday, May 6, 2015

783. Avocado Toast Galore

Avocado toast is unofficially known as an invention of the internet.
While its popularity has spurred countless unimpressive pictures on social media, one cannot deny its deliciousness.
I have posted twice before variants of the avocado toast (here, and with coconut oil here), but both times were more of a rushed afternoon snack or light lunch. This is a classy appetizer avocado toast galore, with five different toppings, and at least fifty more spurring from your imagination.
No recipe here, all you need is toasted baguette slices, ripe avocado, and whatever you wish in the quantities you wish as the topping.

Honeyed Goat Cheese Avocado Toast:
- toasted baguette
- avocado
- goat cheese
- honey
- freshly ground black pepper

Black Sesame-Feta Avocado Toast:
- toasted baguette
- avocado
- feta cheese
- black sesame

Cherry Tomato-Balsamic Avocado Toast:
- toasted baguette
- avocado
- cherry tomato
- balsamic reduction

Bacon-Cheese Avocado Toast
- toasted baguette
- avocado
- crispy turkey or beef bacon
- shaved sharp yellow cheese

Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast:
- toasted baguette
- avocado
- smoked salmon
- fresh dill
- lemon juice

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