Monday, August 1, 2016

964. Cheeseboard

I may have mentioned once or twice my readiness to swap out main courses for a life of appetizers. Apparently, I am not the only one. Step in cheeseboards. The simplest, most adaptable collection of cheesy appetizers on a board. There is no one recipe for this; just a guideline made to be followed or broken.
I tend to assemble this board when I plan to have an exceptional bread on hand, such as artisan or stone-baked, but in no way is that a pre-requisite. Packaged crackers are perfectly fine. If you happen to find an exceptional halal dried saucisson of the salami variety, grab it! Some seasonal fresh fruit or even some dried fruit, to compliment the cheese is great, as is honeycomb (or regular) honey and an assortment of nuts. In the ingredients I listed my ideal cheeses to have on the board, but you can literally put any cheese you like. At the time of photography, I had completely different cheeses to work with, and it was still fantastically delicious.


1 wedge brie cheese
1 small round bresse bleu
1 small log goat cheese
1 block mature cheddar
1 log dried saucisson or salami
1 bunch seedless grapes
a handful fresh figs or other fresh fruit
small bowl of honeycomb/honey
handfuls of various nuts
bread and crackers


Slice what needs to be sliced, keep whole what needs to remain whole, and partially slice what would present prettily when half sliced.
Arrange the lot on a board or large dish, distributing the ingredients in a single layer yet still keeping them grouped in distinct forms.
Serve with drinks of choice; we especially like a nice brewed sweet tea with a cheeseboard.

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