Friday, August 19, 2016

973. Chocolate Strawberry Brownies

Brownies, when done right, are a desirable treat in themselves. That paper-thin flakey surface, those slightly crunchy edges, and that amazing dense fudgy interior is sought by kids and adults like. Now dressing up a perfectly good brownie can sometimes backfire, but this sure is not one of those times.
These dense fudge-like brownies are topped with fresh strawberry halves, and a generous coating of melted semisweet chocolate. The freshness of the strawberries is really complimentary here, and greatly appreciated. What it is, is basically chocolate covered strawberries topping your favorite brownie. You can go ahead and make your own, or use a box mix, or simply buy a ready made brownie.


1 8-inch square brownie, baked and cooled
2 cups fresh strawberry, hulled and halved
300g semi sweet chocolate


Cover the surface of the brownie with the strawberry haves, cut-side down. Do not pack too tightly and leave some space between the pieces to allow the melted chocolate to drip into.
Melt the chopped chocolate over a steaming water bath and drizzle over the strawberries to cover.
Allow the chocolate to set between 30 minutes to an hour.
Cut into squares and consume on the same day it is made.

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