Tuesday, August 23, 2016

975. Grilled Brie Sandwich

If you ever find yourself home alone, you might need to seriously consider making this sandwich during the time your hair oil treatment takes effect. This is a one person sandwich, but if you have someone special you want to share it with, just double the recipe and grill up both sandwiches together in the same pan.
I may or may not have exhausted both scenarios above. This is a very heavy and decadent sandwich; requiring an empty stomach, two hands, and a huge appetite. It is a very worthwhile sandwich to make and eat, but it might best be kept for that rare occasion because it does have a tendency to seriously tip the scales.

Ingredients: for one

2 slices rustic bread
brie cheese, sliced
air dried beef slices
runny honey
freshly ground black pepper
dab of butter, for the pan


Put a layer of brie cheese on both slices of bread.
On one slice, layer the air-dried beef slices.
On the other slice, drizzle the honey and grind some black pepper over it.
Bring the two slices together to form a sandwich.
In a preheating pan over medium heat, melt some butter and add your sandwich.
Weigh the sandwich down by placing a saucer topped with a jar of something heavy.
Once the bottom is crisp and golden, carefully flip your sandwich to brown the other side, adding a tad more butter if necessary.
Once both sides are golden the the cheese is all melty, remove the sandwich to your serving plate, wait a minute or two for it to cool down a bit, and consume while still warm and crispy and melty.

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