Sunday, July 29, 2018

1157. Aubergine Walnut Dip

This is a very easy and nutritious dip that is pretty straightforward to come together. Using all natural ingredients adds to the allure of making it in a big batch and consuming it in various occasions throughout the week.
It can be served as a side to the main dish in a meal, as a snack, as a portable snack/school lunch; you name it. The dippables are up to your discretion. Anything can be used from breadsticks to crudites vegetables to even baby gem lettuce leaves.


1 medium aubergine (about 350g)
1 small clove garlic
2 Tbsp heaped lebne
1/4 cup walnuts, rough chop


Poke the aubergine with a fork all over and roast in a preheated 420F oven for about 50 minutes until fully cooked through inside.
Take out the aubergine and allow to get cool enough to handle. Peel the aubergine and roughly chop the flesh and put in a bowl. Pour and discard any accumulated water.
Grate the small clove of garlic over the chopped aubergine flesh. Stir in the lebne and roughly chopped walnut, and salt to season.
You can serve immediately with some bread or raw vegetable sticks, but I recommend refrigerating it for a couple of hours before serving.

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