Tuesday, April 1, 2014

601. Dukkah Cheese Log

This is a no-cook recipe, that is great as a simple and fast hors d'oeuvres.
Cream cheese is shaped into a log and rolled in dukka.

The variations are endless. You can switch up the kind of cheese and/or the kind of crust.
Served alongside some crackers and fruit, you've got yourself a near-instant cheese board.
Home made crackers, such as sage crackers and sunflower seed crackers, would make the ideal accompaniment.


150g cream cheese
1/4 cup dukkah

To serve:


Spread the dukkah  in a plate and set aside.
Scoop the cream cheese in the center of a large sheet of cling film.
Working from the exterior of the plastic, shape the cheese into a log.
Unwrap the cheese and roll in into the dukka to cover the exterior.
Slice as needed and serve with crackers.

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