Monday, November 3, 2014

707. Roquefort Cheese Burger

Ever since the simple burger, home-made burgers at home have never been so delicious.
No more messy eggs and breadcrumbs in the patties; just pure 100% good quality minced beef.

Now that does leave room for embellishments. Cheese burgers are the obvious upgrade from a simple burger. The types of cheese used however, can make a new burger every time.
Roquefort is a blue cheese, that goes swimmingly with a seared beef patty. I used some cheddar as well. Mix it up to create your favorite combo. If you want a double burger, this recipe makes two; if single burgers, it makes four.


500g fresh minced beef
50g roquefort, sliced
50g cheddar, sliced
1 Tbsp ketchup
1 Tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp tobasco
2-4 burger buns


Do some prep before cooking the burgers: mix the sauces and set aside. Cut the bins in half and toast them. Slice the tomatoes and prepare the lettuce.
Karate-chop the minced meat into four portions. Without kneading or compressing, simply push in the edges to form a circular-shaped patty.
Season with salt. and pepper too if you want.
Heat a  pan over medium-high. Let the pan get really hot before putting in the patties.
There should be a satisfying searing noise when you put the burger.
Let cook for about 2 minutes, it will get brown pretty fast.
Turn over and let brown for a minute or to more.
When cooked through, place on a baking tray and layer the cheese over the top.
Never taking your eyes off it, broil until the cheese has melted over the burger.
To assemble, place a lettuce leaf on the bottom bun, top with a cheesy burger (or two for a double burger), sauce, tomato, and the bun top.
Serve immediately.

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