Sunday, September 28, 2014

688. Prune Earl Grey Yogurt Parfait

This parfait was an accidental skinny dessert. I love re-hydrated prunes, so I decided to showcase them as a fancy dessert.
The thing is, dried prunes are really sweet, even when re-hydrated, so I skipped adding sugar to the soaking water and to the strained yogurt on top.
To give them another dimension of flavor, I soaked the prunes in Earl Grey tea, which made them extra fragrant. The sprig of mint at the top was not only pretty, but it was also delicious when scooped with the yogurt and prunes. This dessert does not need additional sugar, cream, or anything else to make it perfect: it already is without them.
To recap: all-natural dried unsweetened prunes are re-hydrated overnight in unsweetened fragrant tea, drained, mashed, and topped with all-natural unsweetened strained yogurt and a fresh sprig of mint.
For the sweeter palates, a drizzle of honey can be added just before serving.


200g dried prunes
1 Tbsp earl grey tea leaves
2 cups boiling water
450g natural yogurt
fresh mint leaves


Seep the tea leave in the recently boiled water and set aside for 10 minutes.
Strain the slightly cooled tea over the prunes to completely submerge in a jar or bowl, cover, and refrigerate overnight.
At the same time, line a sieve with kitchen paper towels, place over a bowl, and pour the yogurt into the paper towels. Fold the hanging towels over the yogurt and allow to strain overnight in the fridge.
Next day, drain the prunes, remove the pit, and mash.
Divide the mashed prunes in four glasses.
Give the strained yogurt a mix in a bowl (discard the whey), and divide over the prunes in the glasses.
Top the yogurt with a sprig of fresh mint, and chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
For the sweeter palates, a drizzle of honey can be added just before serving.

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