Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Time and Again, Part 1

Having over a thousand recipes archived on MCW, I thought it was high time I share a list of recipes I find myself making time and again. These recipes are reflective of my personal favorites, as well as family and friends' favorites, ranging from the basic breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to afternoon teas, snacks, and beyond. Unable to restrict myself to a limit, I will be posting a series of there favorites in separate posts containing 20 to 25 recipes each. Here is part 1:

Iraqi Breakfast Sticky Dates. An Iraqi nutrition power house. Whip up a batch of these, store covered, and have three every morning for breakfast.

Roasted Aubergine-Yogurt Dip. I can have a bowl of this for lunch, paired with crispy oven-fried pita wedges, and be completely satisfied.

Marinated Feta Cheese. Amazing for breakfast, or simply served as an appetizer over crostini. Highly adaptable in terms of heat from chili to herb flavorings.

Roasted Beetroot-Rocket Salad. A relatively recent addition that quickly became a firm favorite. The cheese can be played around with depending on your taste, from mild cream cheese, to salty feta, to pungent creamy goat cheese.

Orange-Pomegranate Juice. Another Iraqi concoction, served with great anticipation to guests.

Muesli Breakfast Bars. Humble, yet well-loved. This lasts a pretty while stored in an air-tight tin, and is great on the go.

Freekeh Soup. Some say it's horse food, others say it's the best grain out there. Either way, this ancient Babylonian grain will do your body wonders.

Pasta Salad. One of my earliest successful signature recipes. Goes from the picnic table to a happy desk lunch like a natural.

Tomato Olive Garlic Stecca. Using the no-knead overnight dough as a base, the toppings caramelize like a dream during baking and just belong on a cheeseboard.

Sujuk Rolls. Armenian? Enough said.

Date Molasses and Tahini Spread. The Iraqi PB&J.

Tabasco Chicken Burgers. Simple as can be, this is one of the fastest home-made dinners possible.

Delectable Curried Chicken. My mother's before mine. Survived the test of generations.

Stuffed Baby Aubergines. There are never enough ways to consume an aubergine. This is one of the best, Iraqi style.

Steak Escalope with Mushroom Sauce. Cream chap, schnitzel, escalope panée... whatever you call it, it just got a whole lot better with mushroom.

Vineleaf Meat Kofta. Turns out vineleaves can be used for more than just dolma. This recipe skyrocketed to be a firm favorite.

Crispy Potato Roast. I think the title says it all.

Broccoli Mushroom Pasta Bake. You will not miss the meat, I promise.

Hachis Parmentier. Again, a childhood dish. Minced meat, topped with mashed potato and baked. Craved for to this day.

Iraqi Turnip Beetroot Pickles. A classic and simple to made Arabic and Iraqi pickle. A must with grilled meats.

Baqlawa. There are many variations of this sticky sweet dessert, and I happen to think this basic almond version is one of the best.

Skinny Chocolate Peanut Gelato. For immediate ice cream cravings, plus it packs one of your five-a-day. Can opt out of the peanut.

Pignoles. Mini pine nut tarts. Sophisticated, refined, and luxurious. Can be made into one large tarte too.

Bran Cake Loaf. Breakfast, check. Afternoon tea, check. Healthy, check. Delicious, check.

Strawberry Tart. The French classic of baking a giant cookie and topping it with pastry cream and fresh strawberry. One of my favorites for sure.

What are some of your favorites, dear reader?

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