Monday, February 27, 2017

1057. Express Haloomi Potstickers

I have been making these little ugly gems for years, yet never thought about blogging it because it was a mindless non-recipe to me. Convenient for breakfast, or a savory snack, or even a light dinner, these haloomi parcels have come through many a time for me.
Thick slices of haloomi cheese are laid on a small square sheet of spring roll and topped with fresh thinly sliced tomato and an optional leaf of fresh mint. This is then wrapped up, brushed lightly with oil, and seared to a crispy, piping hot snack.


12 sheets (4-inch square) spring roll pastry
1 block hamoomi cheese (220g)
1 tomato, sliced
fresh or dry mint, optional
oil, for brushing


Slice the block of haloomi into twelve fairly thick slices. Slice a tomato thinly, discarding the seeds and water.
Lay a sheet of spring roll pastry flat and place a slice of haloomi in the middle, topped with a slice or two of tomato, and some mint. Wrap the parcel like an envelope, and brush lightly with oil. Sear the parcels, seam-side down, in a pan over medium heat until browned and crispy. Flip to brown the other side. Not that the side with the tomato will stake slightly longer to crisp from the moisture of the tomato. The result is a fantastically charred, carmelized, and crispy.
Allow to sit for a few moments because it will be piping hot and burn the roof of your mouth!
Enjoy with a cup of sweet mint tea.

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