Sunday, February 17, 2013

321. Orange-Pomegranate Juice

Have you ever tasted something and were so impressed by it that you just had to ask the person how they made it? And after they tell you, you think "really? That's so easy!"
I get that alot, and it's not nice.
I suppose that's what appreciation really is, be it simple or not.
Learning is wonderful, especially from the most unexpected of circumstances when you're not looking for it.
Because in reality, simple things can be truly magnificent and utterly unexpected.

We had this beverage at my cousin's place (who is a fantastic, fantastic cook and hostess), and my sister asked her for the method.
One pomegranate and two oranges per glass. Double or more according to number of people.
Easy right?
Yes, but most appreciatively so :)


1 pomegranate, seeded
2 oranges


Using a juicer, run the pomegranate seeds through the pipe (the machine will separate the juice from the seed).
Using a traditional citrus juicer, squeeze the oranges.
Combine the two fruit juices in a glass and serve immediately.

Note: it is wise to freeze some juice as ice cubes, and when you make the actual juice to serve, use those ice cubes. Regular ice cubes will dilute the juice and will degrade the flavor.

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