Thursday, February 21, 2013

325. Iced Coffee

Coffee shops can easily turn our favorite coffee fix into an expensive habit.
With a little know-how and creativity, we can concoct our favorite brew from the comfort of our own home.
I have made no secret of my delight in the wonderfulness coming from a can or sweetened condensed milk.
Here is yet another situation where its magical properties make everything better (after banoffee, cake, and dulce de leche). It is much better than trying to figure out the correct amount of coffee creamer and sugar to add, and then the dull task of dissolving them in... With sweetened condensed milk, just stir and go.
I also highly recommend making ice cubes from coffee instead of water, because this way your drink will not get diluted as the ice melts.

If you have brewed coffee, it is even better than using the powder.
I believe this form of coffee is also known as Vietnamese coffee.

On another note, dear readers, you have really grown on me through your kind words of support  encouragement. I will be away for a few days, but fear not because I already have a few recipes in store.
Meanwhile, feel free to browse while sipping a refreshing glass of iced coffee :)


6 tsp nescafe powder
6 cups water
1 can sweetened condensed milk


Dissolve the six teaspoons of coffee in the six cups of water.
Remove two cups of the coffee solution and freeze as ice cubes.
Put the remaining four cups of coffee solution in a pitcher.
Stir in the can of sweetened condensed milk.
Refrigerate until needed.
To serve, place a couple of coffee ice cubes in a glass and pour over the refrigerated coffee-milk mixture.
Drink as is, or with additions to taste.

Note of possible additions and variations:
1. blend the coffee-milk mixture with the ice cubes to make a frappuccino
2. add caramel sauce
3. add powdered chocolate and chocolate shavings to make an iced mocca
4. add hazelnut syrup
5. add some whipped cream to render it more festive and decadent
6. use low-fat sweetened condensed milk (yes, they do exist) to reduce calories
7. Any other suggestions?

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