Tuesday, February 19, 2013

323. Green Monster Smoothie

This is not your average diet-slash-detox smoothie.
This is your breakfast buddy for life. Take it form a converted skeptic.
First off, it tastes good. Even better than good.
Second, it is so filling and satisfying that you will not even be remotely hungry for a good five to six hours.
Third (which should probably have been first), it is uber healthy and absolutely packed with fiber and nutrients.

It is both a great breakfast to consume at your leisure or on the go.
Also, you can put pretty much whatever you like in it, and this recipe below is just my standard go-to. Add berries, or any other fruit. Add milk or greek yogurt instead of the orange juice. Also, don't be shy with the spinach, you really don't taste it while still getting all the iron and benefits.
But I think that most importantly you should have a stock of individually packed, peeled, and sliced frozen bananas: no one wants a lukewarm smoothie. Ice will dilute your smoothie and alter the taste.


1 sweet apple
1 large handful spinach
1 frozen banana
2 tsp flax seeds
1/2 glass, or more, orange juice


Cut apple (whole, unpeeled, still with seeds) into large chunks; place in the blender.
Pile the spinach, banana, and flax seeds on top.
Finish off with the orange juice, and blend until smooth.
If too thick, add a bit more orange juice to get it going.
Pour in your cup-to-go, and sip away!

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