Wednesday, June 12, 2013

396. Iraqi Apricot-Coconut Balls

Similarly to the date madgooga (or date truffles) recipe, these apricot-coconut balls were meant to be pounded to a thick paste, then formed into balls.

Technology obliterates the need of manual labor, and a few minutes in the food processor gets the work done.
At three ingredients, this candy is wholesome, good for the well-being, and "packed with goodness," as Nawal Nasrallah says in her book, Delights From the Garden of Eden.
I have also tried making this with unsweetened coconut, and it was also delicious, a bit less sweet and a bit more tangy.
Dried apricots are chock-full of fiber, potassium, and iron. This is a great way to eat healthy "candy" and enjoy it, especially for children.

Ingredients: (makes 15 balls)

1 cup dried apricots
3/4 cup sweetened coconut
1-2 tsp rosewater


Put the dried apricots, half cup of the coconut, and the rose water in a food processor and whiz until a ball starts to form.
This will take a good five minutes of continuous whizzing for the apricots to bread down and combine.
Roll the resulting mass into about 15 balls, and roll them in the remaining quarter cup of coconut.
They are ready to consume, but it is better to let them dry out overnight, uncovered, at room temperature so they firm up a bit.

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