Saturday, August 17, 2013

441. Reader Recipe Pictures I

One of the definite unanticipated perks of creating this blog is the feedback, comments, and appreciation I get from my readers. One such reader is the gold-hearted Lorraine, who was kind enough to take the time to write me substantial emails with photos of the recipes she has made from MCW. Lorraine is a beautiful Maltese married to an Iraqi, and has her own hefty repertoire she shares willingly over at Facebook.
If you've got picture you want to share, send them over to maryamcw(at)yahoo(dot)com.
Here are some photos of recipes she has re-created from MCW.

Date Molasses and Cardamom Cake

Zaatar Manaeesh

Kibbe Bil-Siniyeh

Iraqi Broad Bean Dill Rice Pilaf

Habeet: Iraqi Stewed Lamb

Mini Kofta Rolls

Iraqi Date Molasses Halawa

Iraqi Date Kleicha

Date Maamoul

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