Sunday, September 6, 2015

856. Shrimp Cocktail Salad

Shrimp cocktail had its basking days in the seventies, but it has remained a classic ever since for a reason. It is easily served as a quick lunch for one as it is as an elegant hors d'oevres for a crowd at a formal gathering.
I used frozen shrimp that has already been shelled and cleaned. The actual size of the shrimp is up to you (the bigger, the fancier, the more expensive). Some fresh chopped dill would pair wonderfully in here as it often does with sea food. A good tip is using a little of the brine from the caper jar in the sauce for some added flavor and tang.


450g shelled cooked frozen shrimp
1 Tbsp capers, chopped finely
3 Tbsp mayonnaise
2 Tbsp ketchup
1 tsp tobasco
1/2 lemon, juice
1 Tbsp caper water from the jar
Lettuce, to serve


Pour boiling water over the shrimp and let sit until defrosted.
Drain the shrimp completely and set aside to dry (or pat dry).
Mix the chopped capers, mayonnaise, ketchup, tobasco, lemon juice, and a little caper water from the jar to make the sauce.
Toss the shrimp in the sauce to coat. At this point you can refrigerate until needed.
To serve, lay some lettuce leaves over the base of the serving dish and spoon the shrimp cocktail in the center. You can garnish with come chopped fresh dill or chives.

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