Thursday, March 16, 2017

1065. Grilled Iraqi Fish

This is my dear brother in law's recipe. It is very simple, yet it is one of our absolute favorites, because it is just beyond good, and because it comes from him. May Allah reward him with the best. Anything coming from this man, you know is golden. There people who are just like that, albeit a rare trait, and he excels in every field.
The masgoof fish is a very well know Iraqi dish. Many times I have heard it referred to as the national dish of Iraq. By concept, is is very simple: whole butterflied Tigris or Euphrates carp fish is skewered and grilled around a roaring fire. Yes, I said around, not over, because the fish is actually positioned vertical while roasting. So simple as it my be, it is one of those things difficult to replicate at home. I have made it oven baked successfully, but this way, my brother's way, over a glowing ember fire, is amazing.


1 large (2.5kg) river fish (ex. carp)
2 lemon, juice
1 disk Iraqi tannur flatbread


If possible, butterfly the fish cutting from the back, not the belly. This will ensure the fish lays flat, but most fish are sold pre-gutted so they already have a belly incision. If that's the case, it's alright to butterfly the fish from the belly instead.
Salt the fish well, and secure flat in a grilling net. Place skin-side down over a burning ember flame-less fire for 20 minutes. Turn the fish over to be meat-side down for 15 more minutes. Turn the fish once more skin side down, and drizzle the exposed meat with the juice of one lemon. Place a disk of Iraqi bread over the fish (over the exposed meat), and drizzle the bread with the juice of another lemon.
Return the fish to the grill, bread side down, for 5 to 7 more minutes until the bread has crisped and slightly charred.
Serve the fish immediately with plenty of lemon and lime wedges.
It is customary to serve this grilled fish with a farmer's salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, dressed with lemon, sumac, and olive oil) and red rice, and ending the meal with some watermelon wedges.

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