Tuesday, March 7, 2017

1061. Fish Burgers

I watched a food show where the chef made these sandwiches in 15 minutes. While I am not a master multitasker, not as perfectly prepared as Jamie, took almost double the time to get it done. What is so special about this recipe is that not only is it healthy, using wholesome and healthy ingredients, but it was also completely delicious.
Very clever substitutions were made, such as greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise for the sauce, mashed boiled potato instead of cream for the pea mash, and a scant coating of flour and two tablespoons of oil for the fish instead of a blown-out batter and deep-fry. There was absolutely no compromise on the flavor, and if anything, this was even more flavorsome than your average fish sandwich.

Ingredients: serves 4

For the peas:
1 medium potato
500g frozen peas
½ a bunch fresh mint
salt and pepper

For the sauce:
6 cornichons
1 Tbsp capers
250 g greek yoghurt
¼ a bunch fresh dill
1 lemon, juice
salt and pepper

For the fish:
2 large flat-fish fillets, halved, skin off and pin-boned
1 pinch chili pepper
1/2 cup flour
olive oil
25g Parmesan cheese
1 lemon, sliced to serve
4 soft wholewheat buns, to serve


To make the peas, Cube the potato 0.5cm thick, put it into the small pan, cover with boiling water and the lid and boil for about 8 minutes until tender. Add the frozen peas into the pan with the potato, and the fresh mint and boil for about 5 minutes longer. Drain, and put in a food processor with salt and pepper and mash until chunky but spreadable.
Meanwhile, make the sauce: Put the cornichons, capers, dill, yogurt, lemon juice, salt, and pepper a blender and whiz up until chopped and combined. Pour into a bowl.
Meanwhile, make the fish: Season the fish with salt, pepper and the chili powder, then sprinkle over the flour to coat. Pour 2 tablespoons of oil into the frying pan and add the fish. Cook until golden, finely grating the Parmesan over the top when you flip it over.
When the fish is done, spread the bottom of a bun with the warm peas, top with a slice of golden fish, and top the fish with the tartare sauce and the bun top. Serve with fresh lemon wedges.

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