Wednesday, July 10, 2013

414. Ramadan Nut Stuffed Dates

Ramadan Kareem to one and all. May Allah bring prosperity, happiness, and shower his mercy and peace on all, living and dead, during this Holy Month.

We have been blessed to observe another Holy Month of Ramadan, and I wish everyone will take advantage of its essence to purify our souls with generous deeds and reconnect with ourselves, our families, and our world.
These dates stuffed with walnuts are not a recipe, but more of a healthy tradition to break one's fasting in Ramadan. Simply slice open a dried date without cutting into two, remove the pit and replace it with a walnut (or any nut). This simple, pure, and natural combination is perfect to restore blood sugar and is absolutely packed with nutrition. After three dates stuffed with nuts and a glass of water, one already feels revived after a day of fasting.

صحة و عافية


zahraa said...

Salaams Mariam!
Ramadan Kareem! Inshallah this holy month brings its blessing and forgiveness upon you and your family, may Allah accepts your worships and Duaas!!!
Love, Zahraa

Maryam Mohammed said...

Alaikun al salam and Ramadan kareem my dear sister Zahraa! Ameen and same to you and your family. Regards to your daughter and may Allah bless you always :)