Sunday, December 22, 2013

531. Mushroom Melts Toasts

Open faced sandwiches are sometimes referred to as melts by the British.

This meatless yet meaty cheesy open-faced sandwich was just what the doctor ordered.
You can use whatever variety mushrooms you like, from as tame as champignons de paris (aka button mushrooms) to as exotic ass oyster, chanterelles, and shitake mushrooms. Fresh is best.
I used my adorable ciabatta buns, sliced in half, lightly drizzled with olive oil (optional), and toasted to a light golden brown. But any rustic fleshy bread would do.


500g fresh mushrooms
1/2 onion, finely chopped
1 big clove of garlic, crushed
2 Tbsp butter
100g cheese (ex, raclette, gruyere, or emmental)
Pinch of dried sage
Pinch of dried thyme
1/3 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
rustic bread or ciabatta cut into thick slices


On a medium heat melt butter in a frying pan.
Add onions and cook until clear & soft.
Add garlic and cook until the onions and garlic just start to turn brown.
Add sliced mushrooms and sweat them out until they're soft, brown and fragrant. Add a little bit more  butter if you think they need it.
In the meantime toast bread.
Sprinkle your dried herbs, salt and pepper into mushroom mix and stir.
Cut your cheese into small chunks and add to the pan, stirring well.
Cover the pan for just a couple of mins until all the cheese has melted.
Give it a good stir and scoop onto toast.
Grind a little more pepper over the top and serve.

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