Friday, June 6, 2014

635. Semi-Boiled Eggs

Soft boiled eggs (بيض شرب) are just another food that flood me with childhood memories.
A just-set egg white with a runny unctuous yolk made this a breakfast treat.

I used to break off little bits of bread, mix them in the yolk with some salt, and scoop it out at my leisure.
Done wrong, it can be an off-putting experience. Either the white hasn't set yet, lending an awful slimyness to the egg, or its over-boiled that the yolk has set and it effectively becomes a boiled egg in a cup.
To get it just right, the eggs need to be at room temperature. If they are put in boiling water straight out of the fridge, they will crack and leak. If you are short on time, warm the cold eggs under tap water before boiling them. Also, fresh eggs take about a minute more to cook that older eggs. Please do not estimate but keep a timer handy.



To serve:


Put a pan of water onto boil.
You need enough water to just cover the eggs.
Once it's "rolling" with big ol' bubbles, gently place the room temperature eggs into their bath.
If they're very fresh then they need 5mins, using a timer.
If they're not all that fresh, they'll need 4mins.
Serve the eggs with toast, butter, and coffee or tea.

 صحة و عافية


Anonymous said...

Oh my just made this for this morning and sure enough it brought so many good childhood memories it's been maybe over 10 years I have eaten eggs like that completely forgot how tasty it is until I was browsing through your wonderful website. Thank you Mariam, Sarah.

Ps. I would like to make the falafel you have posted but didn't quite understand what you mean by rehydrated garbanzo beans do you mean soaking them for 24 hours will rehydrate them ?

Maryam Mohammed said...

Ahhh, it feels great when someone underdtands how you feel about something as simple as semi-boiled eggs! I'm glad it word for you, Sarah.
Is this the felafel recipe you are referring to ( I think I've written to soak the chickpeas (aka garbanzo) for 24 hours. This soaking process rehydrates the dried chickpeas and is important for a successful felafel. Happy cooking!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mariam. Yes it is that falafel recipe I was thinking of. I'm soaking the chickpeas hopefully it will turn out good I will update you on it. Sarah.

Maryam Mohammed said...

Looking forward to it, Sarah!