Friday, July 4, 2014

646. Ramadan Suhoor Table

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims break their fast at sunset.
It is Sunna and highly encouraged to eat and drink something before the Fajr prayer in the last third of the night, a mini-meal named Suhoor (السحور).
Customs here merge with Sunna, and many people have different preferences over what they consume during the suhoor. More often than not, it might be leftovers of the Iftar meal.
However, setting up a small variety of traditional staples (and then some more non-traditional extras) to be on hand is, well, a handy arrangement to have for the family throughout the month.
You must have dried fruits and nuts. Dried apricots, figs, prunes, raisins, and of course dates (Sunna) are a must. Walnuts and almonds and whatever nuts you fancy. I put raw unsalted nuts, as the roasted salted variety would make us thirstier the next day during fasting.

Fresh fruit is excellent for Suhoor as well; whatever is seasonal.

Drinks, drinks, and more drinks. Lots of water, fruit juices, and of course, laban drink (which is Sunna).

Non-traditonal extras are whatever you/your family prefers. I put some packages maamoul, and a basket of chocolate goodies.

I would love to hear what you like to have for your Suhoor in the comments below!

 صحة و عافية


Abida said...

I love to have overnight oats with some honey, ground cinnamon (great for keeping your blood sugar stable) peanut butter, if I can remember, an do some fresh fruit. There's usually no time to eat anything else!

Maryam Mohammed said...

Oh great idea!
As kids we would have a bowl of cerial and milk before our "half-day" fast. But the overnight oats just has to be the perfect sustenance before fasting; thanks for sharing!

Umm Ahmad said...

I like to have yogurt with muesli, eggs, a little coffee to keep the headaches at bay, dates, fruit, water, juice, etc. I'm breastfeeding my newest baby so I'm only fasting every other day.

Maryam Mohammed said...

Delicious! May Allah make your child of the salaheen and reward you for your care. I sometimes take an ibuprofen with my suhoor to keep my caffeine-deprived headaches at bay.

Danielle Chekova said...

Maryam, good evening! Please write the recipe of dried plums. Thank you. Best wishes in New Year!

Maryam Mohammed said...

Good evening Danielle! I didn't make them, I bought them already dried. Dried plums are widely known as prunes, so I hope that helps :)