Sunday, December 25, 2016

1025. Lindor Hot Chocolate

There are many hot chocolate recipes and techniques out there. Some are actually hot cocoa, which use cocoa powder. They are good, but I believe if you have the option of a hot chocolate made with actual chocolate, why resist?
Lindor truffles have been around ever since I can remember. I used these, but I imagine any truffles would work the same. A dainty tea cup of about 150ml capacity is used for this recipe. If you want to go full-blown mug size, you would probably have to double the recipe.

Ingredients: makes 1 cup

1 small cup (150ml) milk
3 lindor chocolate truffles


Heat the milk over medium heat until just about to boil. Whisk in the chopped up chocolate truffles until melted and incorporated. Pour into the serving cup and serve immediately.
Double the recipe as needed.

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