Monday, December 5, 2016

A Taste of Qatar

Renown Qatari cook Nawal Al Sayed is hosting a two-week event at Qatar Foundation called "A Taste of Qatar." Any one can drop by the HQ cafeteria and help themselves to a generous array of Qatar food, buffet style. This Qatari food however comes with a twist; a healthy twist. Traditional dishes are made using lighter ingredients and healthier substitutes. The vineleaves, for instance were made using fresh silverbeet leaves and stuffed with quinoa instead of rice. The fish was baked, not fried. A variety of tangy, spicy, and sour pickles were placed at every table and the flavors simply burst in your mouth. Unfortunately I was only able to attend today, and the event ends this Thursday 8th December. A buffet meal goes for 30 QAR (about $8), and is a great experience to the sadly under-the-radar rich Qatari food heritage.

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