Tuesday, May 22, 2012

61. Fresh Lemon Iced Tea

Iced Tea was an integral treat in my childhood.
Having grown up, I still like to indulge in a glass of iced tea now and then, and especially appreciate the versatility of the drink.
Herbal tea bags may replace traditional red tea bags. As can green tea, or any other tea.
Saccharine or honey may replace the sugar, depending on how health or figure-conscious you want to be.
Various flavorings may be used instead of lemon... one may have a look at the supermarket isle for inspiration: peach, cherry...
This is really just the basic idea, which is delicious as is or may easily be developed upon according to taste.


2 cups boiling water
6 cups cold water
6 tea bags
pinch baking soda
1 cup sugar
2 lemons, juice

Seeping the tea.

Removing the tea bags.

Dissolving the sugar.

Adding the cold water.

Adding the lemon juice cubes.

Finished product.


Put the lemon juice in ice cube tray and freeze.
In a large jug, mix together the baking soda, tea bags, and hot water and allow to steep for 15 minutes.
Remove the tea bags, squeezing them before discarding.
Add the sugar and stir till dissolved.
Add the remaining cold water.
Add the lemon cubes, cover, and refrigerate overnight.
Serve cold.
More lemon juice may be added according to taste.

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