Friday, May 18, 2012

57. Petit-Beurre Balls

Dessert time!!
Petit Beurre are the French version of the British tea biscuits. They are sweet, crunchy, and dry.
The Germans have adopted the French Petit Beurre into their own version called Leibniz-Keks.
This recipe transforms the slightly boring tea biscuit into a decadently rich dessert. The biscuits are finely ground and with the addition of a few secret (but not-so-secret) ingredients, a chocolaty paste with which those lovely balls are made of. All of this nesting in a rich milky sauce base.
I adapted this recipe from Senses 1 cookbook.


48 pieces petit-beurre
3 Tbsp cocoa
375g thick cream (divided in two)
1 can sweet condensed milk
4 cubes kiri cream cheese

Adding the cocoa to the powdered biscuits.

Adding the thick cream to the cocoa-biscuit blend.

Formation of the "dough."

Petit Beurre balls.

Milk sauce ingredients in the blender.


To make the chocolate balls:
Process the biscuit into a very fine powder.
Add the cocoa and process again to evenly disperse.
Add half the thick cream as the machine is running until a this "dough" is formed.
Form the "dough" into bite-sized balls and store in the refrigerator covered.

To make the milk sauce:
In a blender, put the rest of the thick cream, the can of sweet condensed milk. and the kiri cream cheese cubes.
Blend till smooth.
Pour the milk mixture in the serving dish, cover and refrigerate overnight.

To assemble:
Drop the balls randomly into the milk sauce (which should have thickened overnight)
and decorate with some chocolate sauce if desired.

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