Sunday, August 16, 2015

843. Berry Ice Cream Lemon Cake

Full disclosure: you can make this dessert by buying a pound cake loaf, a tub of vanilla ice cream, and a packet of raspberries where all you do is assemble. Or you could take it a step further like I did and amp up the flavor big time by going home made.
So going the home made route is barely more difficult and if you're not pinched for time I highly recommend it. My much loved lemon loaf cake  is the feature here. The ice cream is the most incredible and delicious magic trick: whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk. As for the berries, used those of your preference (I prefer raspberries), either fresh or unthawed frozen. After the cake is assembled, freeze until ready to serve. I let the cake stand for about five minutes to slightly soften before cutting into slices.


1 loaf lemon cake, cooled completely
1 cup whipping cream
1/2 can sweet condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup fresh or unthawed raspberries


Slice the loaf in three horizontally, being careful to keep all the layers intact.
Whip the cream, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and salt until thick and stiff peak.
Line the base and sides (with an overhang) of the same tin the lemon loaf was baked in with plastic wrap.
Place the bottom layer of the cake back into the tin.
Spread half of the vanilla ice cream over the cake and dot with half the raspberries.
Top with the middle layer of the cake, the other half of the ice cream and raspberries, and top with the top layer of the cake.
Wrap the top of the cake with the overhang and freeze for at least six hours, preferably overnight.
Let cake stand at room temperature for five minutes before slicing and serving immediately.

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