Wednesday, November 4, 2015

879. Steak Garlic Sandwich

A steak sandwich is called for once in a blue moon (or so), and the variations are endless. Last time was the cheese steak sandwich, this time its two types of cheese plus a fair bit of peppery rocket leaves.
One of the two cheeses I used is a rather special one. Different brands call it different things but basically it is a garlic-herb cream cheese that marries so so well with steak. How well-done the steak is a personal preference, so cooking time varies accordingly. Most importantly though is to let the steak rest before cutting into.


salt and pepper
boursin garlic cheese
fresh rocket leaves
cheddar slices


Generously salt the steak on both sides and allow to reach room temperature while the pan heats.
Heat the pan (without any oil) over medium-high heat until very very hot.
Place the steak and let sit about 4 minutes untouched to sear well.
Flip and cook for about 3 minutes more on the other side, depending on the thickness of the steak.
Remove the steak from the pan to a plate, cover lightly in foil and set aside 5-7 minutes to rest.
Meanwhile, split the baguette in half and spread over one half a generous portion of boursin cheese and mustard over the other half.
Top with fresh rocket leaves, sliced steak, cheddar slices, and top with the other baguette half.
Best eaten as soon as made.

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