Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stop and Think

This is not the usual post.
Today I will be talking about the atrocities the majority either ignore or silently watch as it unfolds in the land of Iraq.

Pre-invasion of our land in 2003, we lived peacefully as neighbors, and often as brethren, with the Shiites.
That was the biggest mistake we ever made.
Once the insatiable and ego-driven American government opened the doors of hell, these shiite soldiers of satan wrecked havoc, and it has only just reached it's peak.
I say American government, because it is sometimes a grave injustice to define a population by its government, and this is especially true for the Americans.They feel wronged that the "Iraqi enemy" kill their soldiers. The fact is that their sons and fathers have been sent to their death and placed in the line of danger like irrelevant pawns on a chess board by their own government to invade our land. They were told they are going to liberate a nation under tyranny, although they were not asked for this "liberation." They were told they are doing a good thing, and they are making their country proud. I almost feel pity for these misguided poor beings. They were, and continue to be, blinded and cheated by those who they trusted the most; and look at the results. Orphaned children. Widowed wives. Brothers and sons lost. All for a master plan that they are never meant to have a part in. Keep the rich richer and in power. Needless to say, all Iraqis yearn for pre-2003, as do many, many Americans. This is what we remember America doing to us:

Christians and Jews are mortal enemies. Everyone knows the story of Judas' betrayal. Yet media tells them Islam is their common enemy, and they follow like zombies, because Simon says.

Shiites are infidels and idolators. They mimic some aspects of Islam, yet have no relation with Islam; not in the least. They are people worshiping a deceased human being instead of their Creator, and do not share the ranks of the three monotheistic religions, much less Islam on its own. Some shiites, as in most faiths, are not practicing, and are shiites just by name. It is way past time to wake up. If you do not practice what your religion instructs, then do not label yourself as a part of that religion.
What religion allows, and encourages (!) sexual intercourse between son and mother, or brother and sister?! What religion allows a pre-set marriage duration (to clarify: before a couple are married, they decide that they will marry for 7 hours, or 5 days, or 2 months), just to fulfill their lusts in a "conscientious" manner?! What religion tells women that they will have a special place in Heaven if they perform sexual intercourse with the greatest number of men "soldiers of god" in a single night? What religion damns the angel Gabriel and curses him for "betraying God's order" and delivering the Divine message to Muhammad (peace be upon him) instead of Ali (may Allah be please with him)?! What kind of people do what they do to the Sunni's, because we follow Allah's word and the teachings of His Prophet?! Do you still say the Sunnis and Shiites are brethren?

If anyone comes to invade our land, rape our women, kill our men and children, we are very well justified in fighting back to the death, and rest assured we will.
I gladly give my father, my brother, my husband, my son, and myself for my One God.
Defending our land is our duty.
Palestine is invaded.
Iraq is invaded.
We will fight, we are fighting, and may Allah write victory as ours in His name.
I leave you with some pictures of what the Irani shiites are doing to us, and think under what circumstances would you let this be done to your children, family, homes, and lands.
You may now judge away, and may ye be judged as ye judge.


Anisa said...

Salam alaikum dear sister. I am from New Zealand and my husband is Iraqi. I prey that your excellent words are able to reach the hearts and minds of many and dispel some of the ignorant and nonchalant attitudes towards this subject. May human kind regain their humanity. Thank you very much for this post. It was brave and from the heart. Jazak Allahu khairun. Peace

Maryam Mohammed said...

Amen, yjzeena wa yjzeek inshaAllah.
May Allah open the eyes and hearts of the blind and let His law and Oneness prevail and purify our lands of the mushrikeen.

Asraa Al said...

This is really ignorant of you. Who said Shia are allowed to go have intercourse with their brothers or sisters? Where are you getting your info from? The U.S government helped us by removing the dictatorship and now the Shia soldiers are trying to remove da3sh from Iraq so people can live peacefully without suicide bombs going off everyday. If you love Iraq so much you should be happy the government is finally trying to get rid of the terrorists! Get your facts straight! It's people like you that separates Muslims and makes others hate us. I will pray for you and everyone that thinks like you. I really liked your recipes but with your ignorance I will never come on here again. Good riddance

Maryam Mohammed said...

I got my information from your holy book, Tafsir Manhaj As-Sadiqin.
In there Shiites are encouraged and promised reward to lie about their true practices, as you are doing now.
Another thing your book promises you? It promises your men that the more prostitutes your men sleep with, the higher their status in Paradise. That is justified under nikah mut'a, or lust marriage, what I described as temporary marriage above.
Your hypocrisy shines through your comment, coming from a conveniently blank account, while you are praising the killing of Sunnis by the so-called Iraqi government, you tell me you will pray for me, which made me laugh so hard.
Let me pray an honest prayer for you: may you and all your resilient infidel likes find your end at the edge of our Sunni sword in the name of the One Allah.
Go and never come back.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am beyond shocked at the level of ignorance in this post. I was just innocently and happily strolling through your wonderful recipes, glad to have found a place that had all of my favourite arab recipes until I fell upon this hateful post.
I'm sorry that you think so little of the Shia and that you've been so horribly brain-washed about who we are.
Firstly you say that pre-2003, the Shias and Sunnis lived peacefully in Iraq. Sure, I won't completely disagree with that. However, pre-2003, the Shias also had zero freedom. Sadam was an absolute dictator. He mass murdered Shias for no reason but their love for Ahlulbayt and disregard for the enemies of Ahlulbayt (as). With the amount of hate in this post, I'd assume you advocate the actions of supreme terrorists such as Sadam. But unlike you, I do not hate you. I do not hate Sunnis. It is a shame that someone who claims they are Muslim and follows Islam can project such ignorance and loathing. From what we know from ahadith, Prophet Muhammad (saaw) would have never acted in such a way towards even his greatest enemies. You've mentioned yourself how kind-hearted and forgiving the Prophet was from your above example with the Jewish neighbour. So have a little shame and follow the pure example of the Prophet.
The most beautiful thing about our day and age is that we have an ocean of information literally at the tips of our fingers. It'd be wise of you to do a little research before embarrassing yourself with false accusations. I'm not sure why you feel you have the authority to claim who is and is not Muslim. Who does and does not believe in Allah (swt) and his holy messenger Muhammad (saaw).
Your hate appears to stem so deep that even these words I type will be overlooked and you'll ignorantly assume I'm a Shia that does not "practice my religion". Nonetheless, in the hopes of you being somewhat open-minded and logical, I'm going to answer to your accusations.

Anonymous said...


Firstly, I'd like to say that Shias are most definitely Muslims. Here, I'm going off the definition that a Muslim is someone who follows Islam and Islam being the submission to Allah (swt) and his messenger. Secondly, we do believe that the Prophet Muhammad (saaw) was sent down as a prophet and messenger from Allah (swt). I know, shocking right? You see, where we differ in ideology is not with the basis of the religion. Where you believe wholeheartedly that Abu Bakr was the first Caliph, Umar was the second and Uthman the third, we believe these men stripped Imam Ali (as) of his right as Caliph of the Ummah. We do not worship the Imam as you ignorantly suggested. We do highly regard the Imam and his family, the Prophets family, the Ahlulbayt, as we believe they were sent down by Allah (swt). If you truly are a Muslim you're well aware that in Islam a person must leave behind a will before they die. It is wajib. So I'd like to ask you one simple question, how is it that mere followers of Islam must leave behind a will and yet the "teacher", messenger and guider to Islam, the Prophet must not? Does that actually sound logical. It is like saying that as the followers of the Prophet we must not lie yet it is completely halal for the Prophet of Islam to lie (astaghfirullah). Why would one look onto and follow someone who does not practice what he preaches? It makes no sense. As it also makes no sense for the Prophet to have passed without leaving behind a will and a successor, who was Imam Ali (as).
That, my friend, is the simple difference between our two sects.
Your sadly misinformed shaikhs however seem to feel it is their job to feed you with false information and hate towards innocents. We are not infidels. We do not worship anyone but Allah (swt). We do not have sexual intercourse with our mahrams (astaghfirullah!).
Now if you want to speak politically, I completely agree with you. I agree that "If anyone comes to invade our land, rape our women, kill our men and children, we are very well justified in fighting back to the death". What you seem to be missing, however, is that Shias are not Da'ish. Lol, on the contrary. Da'ish are claiming that they are Sunnis! How ludicrous of you to even associate Shias with the ones coming into our land and raping our women, killing our men and our children. Shias have been a part of Iraq for as long as Sunnis have. For Allahs sake, listen to the ignorance you're preaching.
Again, I don't believe in the least that your hate filled brain will even give my comment a second thought but as a Shia Muslim and lover of Allah (swt) I felt it was my duty to at least attempt to enlighten you on the truth. If you decide to continue on with your ignorance and loathing, then that is something you will have to account for on the day of judgement. I have done my part and I suggest that perhaps rather than wasting your time hating people you know nothing about and have only heard rumors about from others that you actually pick up a book or two. Research your religion and your beliefs. Heck, pick up Sahih Muslim or Sahih Bukhari. Perhaps you'll come across the many contradictions in your very own "beliefs".

Maryam Mohammed said...

Ramadan starts in approximately 10 minutes, so as to not let you distract me from this blessed holy month, I will answer you after it insha Allah.
On another note, Anonymous, if you weren't a shit, I think we might have made good friends.
Talk to you in a month insha Allah!

Anonymous said...

This post should be engraved with gold letters, framed with gold and taught to our childrento know what really happened to their relative and how the damned shittes destroyed our country!
Bless u Maryam

Maryam Mohammed said...

الله يستر على العراق و الفلسطين و يعوض كل متضرر خير الآخرى بإذن الله تعالى
May Allah bless you my sister.