Monday, April 24, 2017

Reader Recipe Pictures VII

It's been too long since our last reader recipe compilation on the blog, and we have, as always, excellent entries.
Beetroot apple salad is an unexpected combination of subtly sweet and tart, combined with a symphony of textures.

Baked macaroni is pretty much self explanatory, but this one is extra special because of the popcorn toast cubes that cover the surface. Carb-tastic.

Maryam's fattouche needs to be tried to be believed. There are many small secrets that make it special, but possibly the top-secret pomegranate molasses dressing is what really does it.

Chicken toast rolls is a comfort dish combining chicken with carbs with cheese and cream in a single baked outcome.

Iraqi courgette stew is a favorite carried from childhood well into adulthood. I personally have never grown out of it.

Hachis parmentier is the French answer to the British cottage pie: cozy and wholesome minced meat topped with mashed potatoes and baked to a golden bliss.

Lemon roast chicken is a favorite among everyone I know, and so many cultures have their own variations of it. Tangy, herby, and let's face it: who can resist a perfectly cooked roast chicken?

Iraqi biryani is a dish that moves seamlessly from the family dinner table to a fancy dinner party table. A lot of work goes behind it, but your happy happy stomachs will be thanking you profusely.

Felafel are simply irresistible in my books, much like kubbas. A crispy crunchy fried crust with a dense vegetable packed steaming center are a beloved food eaten as is or in sandwiches.

Iraqi Klaicha is the ultimate symbol of Eid approaching, but that's no reason to not whip up a batch because it's Wednesday. Variations include date, coconut, walnut, sesame, and more!

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