Tuesday, January 1, 2019

1203. Arab Finger Food Platter

This is not a recipe but a serving suggestion useful when hosting a crowd buffet-style. Of course, the options are very close to endless, but in preparation, think of all the best-hits and your own favorite nibbles. Typical components are categorized in the nawashif arena, cheese bourag, lamb sambusak, spinach fateer, felafel, and kubba. Others may mot be so typical but favorites nonetheless, such as sausage rolls, and chicken nuggets.
Try to insert a hit of color. Lay the bottom of the platter with cleaned leaves, and scatter the surface with cherry tomato, magenta radish, and mint leaves. Most of the food you can find the recipes right here on MCW. You may of course have your own family recipes, and there is no shame in buying some (or all) ready-made.

Here are some links to explore from finger foods to dips (international):
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Zaatar Pinwheel Bites
Dill-Cheese Flatbreads
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Cheese Snails – Halazon
Tomato Olive Garlic Stecca
Adeni Jabeez Flatbread
Sun Dried Tomato Palmiers
Iraqi Spinach Fatayer
Iraqi Savory Dill Biscuits
Zaatar Crisps
Zaatar Rose Puffs
Dukkah Puffed Roses
Kiri Croissant
Akawi Cheese Sambousak
Lamb Pide
Cheese Pide
Pretzel Sausage Roll
Thai Sweet Chili Sausage Rolls
Aubergine Puffs
Haloomi Zarshk Samosa
Haloomi Cheese Bourag Rolls
Kraft Cheese Samosa
Spinach Cheese Fried Sticks
Caprese Skewers
Chicken Profiteroles
Chicken Muskhan Cones
Pomegranate Chicken Wings
Crispy Hot Chicken Wings
Puffed Jumbo Shrimp
Sujuk Rolls
Taco Cups
Lamb Pomegranate Bourag
Meat Bourag with Yogurt Paprika Dip
Meat Sambousak
Potato and Meat Empanadas
Kubba Appetizers
Kubba Halab
Iraqi Dill Kubba
Kibbe Bil-Siniyeh
Potato Chap/Kubba
Kiri Kubba
Aubergine Walnut Dip
Oat Crackers with Lebna Dip
Greek Feta Dip
Green Pea Mint Dip
Beetroot Hummus
Pumpkin Hummus
Iraqi Fava Dip
Chicken Liver Mousse
Tuna Paté
Tuna Can Sushi

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