Thursday, May 2, 2019

1239. Mulberry Tut Compilation

I want to share in the baraka of mulberry season and encourge any one who is able to but has not yet planted a tut or mulberry tree to do so. Depending on your location, it might take a few years for your tree to settle into fruitful mode, but once it is there, it will be a few weeks you find yourself looking forward to all year.
Recipe kick-off starts with my no-churn easy-peasy Mulberry Ice Cream. Buy some biscuit wafer cones from the grocer and enjoy.

Changing gears to drinks, try out a mulberry smoothie or sherbet.

Going in the field of cake and pies, try out:
Mulberry Mousse Cake
Courgette Chocolate Cake with Mulberry Swiss Buttercream
Mulberry Swirl Cheesecake
Mulberry Bran Muffins
Mulberry Pie
Mulberry Slab Pie

Not forgetting savory options:
Freekeh Stuffed Mulberry Leaves
Mulberry Molasses
Whole Stuffed Pumpkin
Mulberry Meat Sambusak

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