Tuesday, May 28, 2019

1248. Jareesh Milk Soup

This jareesh milk soup is just as good in the nursery as it is on the iftar table. Besides salt, literally the only ingredients are milk and jareesh. The results is much greater than the sum of its parts; so fragrant, delicious, and comforting.
I highly recommend pre-soaking the jareesh, because without that it would take a good hour and a half before the grains have fully softened. This soup is a labor of love, since you will need to baby sit it, stirring all the while, for almost an hour. Needless to say, so worth it. Note that I used fresh milk, but to fully render it a pantry recipe as it traditionally is made, use reconstituted milk from powder.


5 cups milk
1/2 cup jareesh
1 tsp salt


Pre-soak the jareesh the night before in the refrigerator. Next day, drain well and combine with the milk in a pot. Stirring all the while, bring to a simmer over medium-high heat, then lower temperature to medium-low and continue to stir for a good 45 minutes until the grains have cooked to the core and thickened the milk. Add the salt after the grain is cooked, and adjust seasoning and texture (add more milk to thin the soup in case it is too thick.

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