Thursday, June 7, 2012

77. Lentil Soup

"You, who dare insult lentil soup, sweetest of delicacies" said Aristophanes almost 2400 years ago.
Yes, there is a reason why lentils (and soup) are still consumed by humans over thousands of years.
It is hearty, fulfilling, and nutritious. It is rich in iron, protein, dietary fiber, and potassium.
Popeye should have been popping cans of lentils instead of spinach!
But this is not a lesson in nutrition; suffice to know it is nutritious. What is important is that it is delicious.
And easy to make. A winner all around, I would be tempted to say...


1 cup orange lentils
2 stock cubes
1 large onion, chopped
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp turmeric


Boil the lentils in 4 cups water with the stock cubes for 20 minutes.
During this time fry the onion in a little oil and add the spices when soft.
Add the onion and spice mixture to the lentil, allow to cool.
Blend until smooth, return to the cooking pot.
Add water to adjust the thickness of the soup.

Remember to drink the soup with some vitamin C (like a squirt of fresh lemon or a glass of orange juice) to maximize iron absorption!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe I really appreciate it I have made it a couple times and it was wonderful just like how my mom made it I only have one suggestion can you please specify the amount of liquid required for this soup because the consistency of the soup will make a big difference in the outcome. Sarah

Maryam Mohammed said...

You're welcome Sarah!
Yes, thanks for pointing that out, I will edit the instructions to include the water measurements. I boil the lentils in 4 cups watern and then add more water if necessary after blending to adjust the thickness of the soup to the desired consistency. Also as the soup might last you a couple of days, you might need to add a bit of water everytime you reheat it because lentils have a tendency to get very thick when it cools.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding the liquid amount it really helped me today that way I didn't have to guess :) my husband enjoyed the soup as well. May Allah bless you inshallah. -Sarah.

Maryam Mohammed said...

I appreciate your pointing it out!
Saha wa afia insha Allah, and may Allah bless you and you family too.