Wednesday, January 15, 2014

550. Ginger Milk

I was told about ginger milk by a Qatari friend who outlined the concept to me through conversation.

It was as simple as cutting up fresh ginger root, throwing it in a thermos, and pouring heated sweetened milk over it. Let it infuse, and drink up. But that did not work: the milk curdled!
So I did a little research, and apparently fresh ginger has a protein-based enzyme which caused the milk to curdle. This enzyme denatures upon heating, so common sense told me to boil the ginger first.
Adding sweetened condensed milk to the infusion gave it a much more substantial effect than heating regular milk with sugar.
You can adjust the potency of the ginger by adding or lessening the amount of ginger. I think one thumb-sized knob is just right.


1 thumb-sized ginger root
4 cups water
1 can (400g) sweetened condensed milk


Peel ginger and slice about 1/4 inch thick.
Put in a kettle with the cold water.
Bring to a boil then simmer over medium-low heat for 15 minutes.
Add the can of sweetened condensed milk and stir to dissolve.
Re-heat, but do not bring to a boil.
Stain the ginger milk into a thermos and serve hot.

 صحة و عافية


Anonymous said...

Assalam Alaikoum Maryam, this is a typical drink from Africa. The Sudanese, Kenyans and Ugandans drink it often. I was taught to make it by grating the Ginger, you can also infuse with a tea bag or simply mix honey in with the milk. It's so delicious. Khadija

Maryam Mohammed said...

Wa alaikum al Salam dear Khadija. I had no idea that this drink is typical of Africa, that's so interesting! Ginger tea sounds amazing, I have got to try it while there is still a pinch of cold this season. Thank you for your input, it's great to know.