Friday, January 17, 2014

552. Reader Recipe Pictures IV

Lorraine from Malta is quite the celebrity in her community in Malta. I have introduced her before in the very first Reader Recipe Pictures. She does not comment on the blog, but she does keep in touch via email (maryamcw(@) She is married to an Iraqi, and has thanked me profusely for my blog and Iraqi recipes which have made her-and her husband-very happy. A very exciting thing happened to Lorraine back in October: Taste Magazine wanted to feature her Iraqi cooking, and she even emailed me to ask for my suggestions to the pomegranate themed Iraqi feature. Since then, she has very kindly sent me a PDF of her feature. A mention of gratitude to my blog would have been nice, but congratulations anyway Lorraine!
Here are some pictures of the spreads featured based on my recipes:

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Kayte said...

She ought to credit your work, this is plagiarism- sue her! Lorraine shame on you stealing other peoples hard work! Shame on your fat ass.