Tuesday, May 13, 2014

624. Vegan Instant Berry Ice Cream

I was first introduced to the concept of the five minute ice cream a couple of years ago, before I started this blog. It was basically: put frozen strawberry in the food processor with some sugar, and pour some cream as the machine is blitzing. So much fun to make.

This ice cream follows the same concept, but uses frozen banana along with the berries for the creaminess, and coconut milk instead of the cream, to make it vegan.
I added a touch of sugar, but honey would be another option.
You can use a single type of berry here, or a mixture. Just make sure they are frozen solid.
You can also eat this ice cream as soon as it's made if you like a soft scoop. Otherwise you can freeze it after it's made for a firmer scoop.


2 heaping cups frozen raspberries
2 frozen sliced bananas
1/4 cup sugar
1x400g can coconut milk


Put all ingredients in the food processor and blitz until you are laft with a soft scoop ice cream.
Serve with fresh fruit (optional but good).
To store, pour into a tupperware box, seal, and keep in the freezer.

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