Wednesday, May 28, 2014

631. Qatar Charity Bazaar 2014

Qatar Charity, in collaboration with Insight Club have sponsored a charity bazaar featuring many small stalls and booths. Food, trinkets, and abayas were for sale, among other things.
Proceeds are going to the Zaatari Camp of Syrian refugees. It was an open invitation and attendance was wonderful.
All stalls had a business card on the ready with instagram accounts displaying their products. Unfortunately I did not manage to get everyone's business card, but I'll provide what details I could.
Note that the bazaar was originally intended for two days, but have extended for another two days; today being the last day (Wednesday 28 May 2014).

Papabubble got me excited because I had once watched a documentary on how they make their creations and designs with molten sugar, shaping and pulling, and assembling to make these long narrow rods which are broken into segments (the final product). This is their instgram: papabubbleqtr.
My favorite flavors were grape and apple.

We all know cinema popcorn is wonderfully different from regular home made popcorn, and for good reason. This popcorn from Let's Popcorn has brought popcorn to an artisinal level. The corn is air-popped, and only the bestest, largest, fully-popped kernels are selected for various savory of sweet coatings.
My favorite (weird but sooo good) was the pickle and butter flavor, It tastes like parmesan popcorn!
It is not yet on their menu because it's new, so head's up. Instagram: letspopcornqa; web: here.
Best part? They home deliver!

Who can resist a chocolate fountain?
Dippingo offers a variety of fruits, cakes, and marshmallow to be dipped in molten chocolate.
A classic.
Web: here, instagram: dippingoq.

 You can't have a bazaar or fair, or even a charity without cake, huh?
Tasmeem is a Qatari cake and cupcake company. Instagram: tasmeem.

Papa Patata had giant loaded potatoes, buffet style!
You pick your own toppings and it's loaded in and on the potato larger than my hand!
Instagram: papa_patata. If you live in Qatar give them a call on 44881178 for the potato of the year.

 Victorian Chocolate was good, but fraankly I have tasted better.
Pretty, though. Instagram: victorian_chocolate.

 There was also a stall of home-made marinated cheese, flavored lebnas, and jams. Their business card says their instagram is _tasty, but when I searched for it it was a private account and I'm not sure if that's them.

Pretty ice cream tubs for which I totally missed picking up their name!

There baby overalls (onesies) are adorable!
Instagram: Be_Raza.

Some pop culture silliness: Starbucks Frapuccino and Vimto t-shirts.


Make up.


Trinkets, anime, knick-knacks, and personalized notebooks.

If you still want to contribute, you can donate via Qatar Charity online.


Kanak Hagjer said...

Hello from India! What a wonderful array of food and other interesting stuff. Loved going through your pictures!

Maryam Mohammed said...

Thanks Kanak; welcome to MCW!